Why Chengdu, China Is The Best All Inclusive Honeymoon Destinations

If you love are planning a honeymoon trip in Asia, then there are some places which you should keep on your priority list. And one of them is the best all inclusive honeymoon destinations, China- the land of people and beauty! Of course, you know about China and the place where you need to go during your holiday vacation in China. But we are giving some name, whether you go for others or not, which places you can’t and shouldn’t miss! Let’s take a look!

Do you love the small and cute type panda? Then you can go for the best all inclusive honeymoon destinations– The Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. There you can enjoy the view of this giant cute creature. It was established in 1987. Do you want to go there for sure? Then, book a trip to the Wolong Nature Reserve which is 130 kilometers west of the best all inclusive honeymoon destinations- Chengdu.

best all inclusive honeymoon destinations

If you want to visit the ancient temple of most romantic places in the world for honeymoon –Chengdu, then there is the splendid Chengdu Wuhou Shrine, which is one of the Chengdu’s oldest temples. It was built in 302 AD in honor of Zhuge Liang. Besides, there is the Manjushri Temple complex made from wood and stone. And it’s architecture? It is splendid and you will definitely love it!

best all inclusive honeymoon destinations

If you love poetry and architecture, then you can visit the best all inclusive honeymoon destinations- Du Fu Thatched Cottage complex. The name was given the name of poet Du Fu. Du Fu used to live in the house during 759 and 763 AD. Here you will find Huanhuaxi River, lush gardens, numerous pavilions, and lovely bridges and pathways, the reconstructed cottage itself, a simple structure with a study, bedroom, and kitchen and of course, the poems of Du Fu. And who doesn’t know how much-interrelated romanticism and poem is?

best all inclusive honeymoon destinations

Besides, you can visit the River Watching Tower in the most popular holiday destinations in the world- Wangjianglou Park too which stands here in the memory of the poetess Xue Tao. Xue Tao lived from 769-834 AD. The tower is famous for its 30-meter-tall tower of Poetic Recitation (Yinshi Lou), the Pavilion of the Washing of Paper (Wanjian Ting), the Tower of the Washing of Brocade (Zhou Lou) and the large bamboo grove in it. All of them are dedicated to the memory of Xue Tao.

best all inclusive honeymoon destinations

You can also go for places like- the Yongling Mausoleum, Chengdu’s Cultural Park, the Monastery of Precious Light, the Chengdu Huangcheng Mosque, the Jianmen Scenic Route which has 72 peaks with many important historical and cultural sites including the Old Plank Road, the Thousand-Buddha Cliff, Mount Douchui, and Huangze Temple, The Great Buddha of Leshan, Mount Emei and the fascinating Dujiangyan Irrigation System etc.

best all inclusive honeymoon destinations

Now, where are you going to stay during your trip to the best all inclusive honeymoon destinations- Chengdu? There are many places like- Home Inn, Western Royal Palace, Jinjiang Inn Chengdu Wenwu Road, Holiday Inn Express Chengdu Gulou, Ibis Hotel etc. where you can stay safe and in you perfect plan of the budget. Now, what are you thinking? Plane or something else- what are you taking to reach the best all inclusive honeymoon destinations- Chengdu with your partner?

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