Punta Cana Best Honeymoon Destinations Useful Tips To Improve

Punta Cana is considered one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world. It is located on the east coast of the Dominican Republic just at the heart of Caribbean. The place is mostly famous luxurious accommodation facilities and incredibly beautiful natural view.  The 32km stretches of beaches and clear waters have also added its popularity that pulls it’s a good number of tourists every year. You can also combine the beauty of the Bávaro area and Punta Cana that is known as La Costa del Coco, or the Coconut Coast, an area of lavish, all-inclusive resorts. It’s popular for zip-lining, windsurfing, kayaking and sailing.

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As we know it is one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world, it is quite likely that there will be a huge rush of honeymoon couples as well as tourists. So it is important to have a good plan and know all the tips or do’s and dont’s to improve or ensure a quality honeymoon. Read here Punta Cana best honeymoon destinations useful tips to improve.

best honeymoon destinations

Find the whitest Beach

The  Punta Cana is very much coveted for its powdery white beaches. Tourists and honeymoon couples all over the world come to this best honeymoon destinations to enjoy the beauty of the beaches, the silky fine sand that gives a good feeling between their toes. However, all the Punta Cana beaches are not equally white. As it is 38-39 miles stretches from the beach, it quite likely gets significantly variety in sand color.  For this reason, it is a bit difficult to get the whitest beach in the Punta Cana.  So be a little bit tricky before setting your journey at Punta Cana and get well researched the place to know each and out of it. Hope you can discover the finest, whitest beach in this Dominican public island.

best honeymoon destinations

Find a suitable resort that matches your requirements

The most important part of the honeymoon is find a suitable place that goes with you and your beloved needs. There are variety of resorts available at Punta Cana. Some have special arrangements for adults, some for children and some specially designed for the honeymoon couples. Moreover, some resorts at Punta Cana follow European customs and some Americans. So make sure about the activities you are looking for in the resorts from their list, most probably available on their official website. You can mention your preference –like sailing, surfing, windsurfing, dancing, scuba, horseback riding and dune buggies. Make sure before booking the resorts that do they offer your preferred activities as all does not have equal facilities.

best honeymoon destinations

Avoid taking taxi

If you are at Punta Cana, best honeymoon destinations in the world, you should put this tip to improve your honeymoon. The taxi fare at Punta Cana is too much high to afford. To avoid this you can take help from your travel agent for an airport transfer for both arrival and departure from the airport to avoid unnecessary cost. Sometimes the travel agent have package deal including transport.  You can choose this option if you really want to avoid any unnecessary disturbance that spoil your honeymoon.

best honeymoon destinations

Tipping expectation and gift

It is quite naturally expected that the waiter, waitress, and other room services will expect tips from you. Usually, it is ranges 5% to 10% depending on the service. When you are at Punta Cana you should keep in mind that giving tips and gift is quite popular customs. Make sure you are paying them the right amount. Usually, bartenders  $1 per round, waiter and waitress$2 to $5 per day and tourist guide $5 for half day excursion.

best honeymoon destinations

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