Orkney Island Honeymoon Destination Why Best

There’s nothing better in Scotland than visiting a beautiful house located on a 70-mile island in Orkney. Throughout the island’s amazing wealth and history, the island was transformed by an incredibly diverse culture that is now the source of many magics. Orkney has stunning landscapes, historic sites, and friendly villages – and arguably the world’s finest honeymoon destination. There will be a lot of romantic destinations in the UK. Please think about them for your romantic holiday!

Have you ever dreamt of going to an island? You can fulfill your dream now with your partner on your honeymoon trip by visiting the Orkney Island honeymoon destination in the world. History, Heritage, and Archaeology- all you will get on this island. If you are planning to visit Scotland, then among the beaches of this country Orkney will be the most perfect for you. From the archaeological side, the island has an average of three archaeological sites of its per square mile. It has the oldest house in northern Europe – The Knap of Howar on Papa Westray which was occupied in 3700 BC. Guess what? It’s almost 6000 years. Now, are you getting interested in this island? Then let’s give a look at the places where you can make some memorable memory during your honeymoon.

Orkney Island Honeymoon Destination

Why The Orkney Island Honeymoon is the Perfect?

Have you ever seen a village made of stone? Then the amazing Stone Age village by the Bay of Skaill of the best honeymoon destinations in the world- Orkney Island, will fascinate you. Here you can see the 500 years ago ancient furniture too. It was buried in a sand dune thousands of years ago and till then was preserved. Finally, modern people found it in 1850.

Orkney Island Honeymoon Destination

If you love to watch something mysterious, then you can go to the Ring of Brodgar and the Standing Stones of Stenness of the best honeymoon destinations in the world- Orkney Island. How and why they are standing in such a way is hysterical. Besides, between them lies the Ness of Brodgar where you will find the ceremonial buildings which are excavated every summer.

Why Orkney Island For Me?

At a short distance from the Standing Stones of Stenness, you will find the most popular tourist destination in the world- the chambered cairn of Maeshowe. Once it was used as a burial place around 2700bc. Maeshowe was built to incorporate four standing stones and was constructed so that during the midwinter solstice, the light of the setting sun shines down the internal chamber and hits the back wall.

Orkney Island

If you love to visit museums, then you can go to the fascinating maritime museum of the best honeymoon destinations in the world- Orkney Island, Stromness, and Stromness museum. Here you will find history about whalers, stories about arctic explorers, sea chests, ship models, sea creatures, artifacts from Scapa Flow during the First and Second World War, and everything you want to see about the 200 years of Stromness as a Burgh of Barony. Apart from it, you can also visit the Orkney Museum.

You Must Visit

Once the best honeymoon destination in the world- Orkney was a part of Norway until till1472 and at that, then time Norwegian earls ruled the islands. Now they are not here, but there are some places which will remind you about the past of this island. One of them is- the St Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall. It was dedicated to the Viking St Magnus. With the view of a beautiful red sandstone building, you will find here the opportunity to watch a central part of Orcadian life – hosting concerts, church services, weddings, and funerals.

Orkney Island

Besides all these, you can also go to places of the best romantic honeymoon destinations, like- Hoy, North Ronaldsay, the Kirbuster Farm Museum and the Corrigal Farm Museum, the Brough of Birsay, the Italian chapel and many more interesting places. Are you thinking about the place to stay in the best honeymoon destination in the world- Orkney Island? Don’t worry! There are many places like- Ayre Hotel, The Stromness Hotel, Smithfield Hotel, Visit Orkney, etc. where you can stay during your visit to Orkney. So, why are you waiting? Let’s pack the bag and go!

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