Most Beautiful Places In The World For Honeymoon- Taos

Everyone has heard of the most beautiful places on earth. But if you have never visited these places, then you should plan a vacation to experience the beauty of these places. One of the most beautiful places in the world is Taos. This is the land of an ancient civilization. You will find the sanctity of nature’s beauty and the calmness of its people. When you want to explore the beauty of the world, you should visit a place where you can find the harmony of humanity. Taos is a mythological place that has a lot to offer you.

Every place has its own story to tell. These stories are not made on a particular day. It takes years to write down any place’s story and to make it history. If you want to explore some stories on your honeymoon and want to enjoy your honeymoon with the ancient flavor- then you should visit the Most Beautiful Place in the World for Honeymoon- Taos.

Honeymoon TaosHow to get there?

Discovered by nomadic tribes thousands of years ago and believed to be the fabled City of Gold by the Conquistador Hernando de Alvarado, Taos of New Mexico is mostly known for fantastic skiing, beautiful art galleries, the historic Taos Pueblo, excellent restaurants, and year-round festivals. What are you thinking? Only that much for your honeymoon? Nope! There is a lot more in the Most Beautiful Places in the World for Honeymoon- Taos for which you will definitely feel that it’s Taos for which you should plan for Taos!

If you are a little bit more interested in the ancient lifestyle in the Most Beautiful Places in the World for Honeymoon-Taos, it offers you Taos Pueblo, where you will find homes and people who are Living and thriving there for more than 1000 years. It is the only Native American living community that is designated as both a National Historic Landmark and a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Many houses there have vanished. But houses that you will find here were built sometime between 1000 and 1450 A.D.

Most Beautiful Place in the WorldWhat you can do in Taos?

Like the ancient houses, there is an ancient plaza also in the Most Beautiful Places in the World for Honeymoon- Taos. You will find there about 300 years old plaza- Taos Plaza. You will find picturesque shops, galleries, and a historic Hotel La Fonda there in the plaza. Lovely old trees shade the plaza, where you can relax on a bench with ice cream and watch people passing by. From May to October when you can enjoy the Taos Plaza Live concerts too.

If you think that any place can’t be fully explored without visiting its museum, then there are places like- Kit Carson Home & Museum for you. Besides, you can also enjoy the historic bridge of Taos Rio Grande Gorge Bridge there. It is considered the most beautiful steel bridge in the country, and it has been immortalized in a number of famous movies.

Most Beautiful Place in the WorldWhat are the must-see attractions in Taos?

If you love to go to any church, there are churches in the Most Beautiful Places in the World for Honeymoon- Taos you which have a very long history. For example- you can go to the San Francisco de Assisi Mission Church, once which was a center of community life in Ranchos de Taos.

Not only by entering here, but even before entering Taos, you can enjoy the beauty of the best all-inclusive honeymoon destination– Taos. On your way to Taos, you can entertain yourself by taking the route “High Road. And believe me, it’s literally high enough to be the high road!

Most Beautiful Place in the WorldWhat to do in the most beautiful places in the world?

Have you heard the name of fashionista Millicent Rogers and world-famous Pueblo potter Maria Martinez? Of course, you have! And for you, there is a museum where you can enjoy their belongings. Here Millicent donated her spectacular turquoise jewelry collection, and Maria’s family donated a collection of her most significant works, creating the core of the Millicent Rogers Museum, celebrating Southwestern art heritage.

Besides all these places, you can also go to places like- The enchanted Circle Scenic Byway, which is one of the best places to spend some adventurous time. There are also places in this most popular tourist destination in the world, like- The Taos Art Museum, the Harwood Museum of Art of the University, Taos Ski Valley, La Hacienda del Los Martinez, The Earthship Biotecture World Headquarters and Visitor Center, The Wild Rivers Recreation Area, etc.

Where to stay?

In the Most Beautiful Places in the World for Honeymoon- Taos there are comfortable and budget places. There are hotels like- Days Inn Taos, Super 8 Taos, El Camino Lodge, and many more! So, now just choose one of them and start making your plans for a honeymoon in Taos.

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