Koh Tao In Thailand Most Beautiful Places In The World For Honeymoon

Koh Tao in Thailand is naturally beautiful island located at southern part of Thailand. Unlike other cities in Thailand it is not developed and for this, the island is still considered the most beautiful places in the world for honeymoon or any usual tour.  Koh Tao in Thailand has many beaches including Saire Beach, Mae Haad Beach, Chalok Baan Kao Beach, Koh Nang Yuan, Mango Bay, Aow Lek, Rocky Bay, Haad Sai Daeng Beach, Tanote Bay, Hin Wong Bay, Laem Thian and Sai Tong Beach. You can visit all the beaches if you visit Thailand. If you are making your plan for a honeymoon you can prefer Koh Tao in Thailand.  You can enjoy all the natural tranquility and get space to lose yourself in your beloved’s arm in this most beautiful places in the world for honeymoon.

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Koh Tao is not only beautiful but also has in the interesting history of ages old. It is named after hordes of turtles that was found in the waters.  The word “Tao” in Thai means turtle and “Koh” means island so the literal translation of the word Koh Tao.  During the both world war there were no human being who are living in this island even it was used as a prison to capture political leaders till 1933 to 1947. After leaving all the prisoner this island remained uninhabited for decades till the tourists discover its beauty about 40 years ago precisely. However, within theses decades a lot of development works have taken place but still, it is natural and a place for tranquility for the tourists. For romance privacy and natural beauty both work as a tonic that the honeymoon couples can get at Koh Tao most beautiful places in the world for honeymoon.

most beautiful places in the world for honeymoon

How to Go

It is very easy to visit Koh Tao in Thailand. If you have arrived in Bangkok, check out Lompryah ferry and bus service. With this modern air conditioned service from Bangkok, you can visit Koh Tao and it will couple of hours to arrive at the coastal port of Chumphon. For example: If you take a night couch you will reach there before sunrise. If you do not want to take the hassle you can prefer online bus ticket service. Though it takes a little time but the journey is pleasing if you can make it. You can enjoy movie while on the bus with your beloved. I guess it is not a bad idea to watch a romantic movie after a couple of days of marriage. It will help you both to have some romantic moments. Once you have arrived at Chumphon then take a ferry ride and it will take you to Koh Tao. You can also take a small boat that is more comfortable for the short journey and a bit romantic too.

most beautiful places in the world for honeymoon

Scuba Diving

It is one of the top destinations for scuba diving all around the world. The excitement loving couple and tourists can choose this activity for fun. Every year a good number of people all around the world visit this island especially for scuba diving as it has some of the best scuba destination of the world. Besides scuba diving, you can also enjoy snorkeling, hiking, rock climbing on a sandy beach.

most beautiful places in the world for honeymoon

The resorts at Koh Tao in Thailand, most beautiful places in the world for honeymoon have excellent offers for their customer. You can enjoy luxurious room facilities, swimming pools service, spa, and yummy Thai cuisine within very considerable budget.  For a perfect and memorable honeymoon, this things well leave a good impact undoubtedly.

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