Intercourse is the key to a happy life

Intercourse should also be one of the means to strengthen and sustain the relationship between couples. Intercourse should not be done just for physical satisfaction. According to a lifestyle website, having sex one day a week is beneficial for couples, according to international research. According to sex experts, it is necessary to have sex more than once a week to increase intimacy with the partner and get a happy and satisfying relationship.

According to a senior psychologist and marriage and sex counselor, the amount of sex between certain classes of people in society is declining, which is a very alarming trend. Sexual intercourse should not only be a means of physical satisfaction, but also a means of strengthening and sustaining the relationship between the couple.

What say, psychologist

According to another psychologist and counselor, even after having sex once a week, a little more intimacy is needed for couples. If working couples don’t have time, in that case, we have to discuss among ourselves and decide how regular sex can be. However, those who do not have a shortage of time should not have any excuses.


The constant reluctance to have sex with a partner has an adverse effect on the relationship. Rejecting a partner’s request for sex can hurt his or her mood, becoming upset, moody, restless, anxious, or even depressed. A caring husband or wife should find an appealing way to express their feelings every day. Otherwise, distance, separation, strife, and even divorce have to be mentally prepared.

What is intercourse?

Sexual intercourse is a kind of game to keep in mind. Confidence can make you a good player. Fear and sex are enemies of each other. To be a good player you have to learn it. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required.


From personal experience, one doctor said that there was mental pollution in our family. We were constantly arguing and I would not respond to her request for sex. Later I realized that it was not doing any good but the situation was getting worse. In this regard, we contacted a sex expert who advised us to increase the amount of intercourse and asked us to save the information about sexual intercourse for two weeks. At the end of the exercise, we realize that it has helped us a lot.

Why necessary?

According to experts, one of the ways to stay emotionally attached to your partner is through active sex. In the case of couples, sexual intercourse is the best way to maintain the vitality of the relationship. During this time the brain secretes ‘toxicity’, which is known as the hormone of embracing. It strengthens the bond with the partner. Intercourse maintains your dignity.


Intercourse certainly enhances intimacy. According to experts, most of those who want to keep the love affair alive express the need to be associated with a partner through intercourse.

How physical protection

The main thing in sexual intercourse is mental satisfaction, according to doctors, intercourse is necessary for a healthy body and normal life. Intercourse relieves mental fatigue as well as physical fatigue. Moderate intercourse is able to prevent disease by increasing the number of IGA antibodies in the body. Intercourse helps to reduce body weight. Sexual intercourse reduces the risk of a heart attack in men, just as in women, the release of excess estrogen keeps the heart healthy.


Studies have shown that women who have regular sex are younger. Sex keeps people emotionally happy. Regular intercourse increases love, trust, and commitment to each other as well as makes the spouse happy so that the problems that may arise in the relationship can be easily overcome. Increases the self-confidence of the loved one in physical and mental satisfaction.

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