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Enchanting things to do in Savannah Georgia

Savannah, Georgia is a beautiful town and one of the most historic and culturally important places in America. But beneath all these quaint beauties and historical significance is a fascinating tale of mythology and legend. Those complex dichotomies are what make Savannah Georgia Vacation absolutely enticing. Do people fall in love with places? It’s the sense we live in. I love Savannah hard.

If you want to know the most beautiful place in the world for a honeymoon- Savannah Georgia Vacation is a historic district then the best way of getting is to take walk along Bull Street and the side streets of it. Opposite the U.S. Customs Houses, the starting point is City Hall (1905), which was built in 1852 on the site, and is the first public building of the colony.

savannah georgia vacation

Get to know Savannah

To the south of this is Johnson Square, with the Christ Episcopal Church (1838), the first square laid out in the new planned town, on the site of the colony’s first church of 1733.

If you are a history lover, then there are many historic squares in this section of the most beautiful places in the world for your honeymoon- Savannah for you to explore. Along this, there you will find some coffee shops and restaurants too.

savannah georgia vacationIf you want to make things more memorable, you can see Bull Street from the comfort of a horse-drawn carriage tour. There you can also learn a little history. Besides, you can also go to the most beautiful place in the world for honeymoon- Trolley tours.

Visit Savannah’s parks

If you love to visit parks, then you can go to Forsyth Park of Savannah. It is known as the largest and most active park. During the mid-19th century, large parks were fashionable in American cities. At that time Forsyth Park was built.

savannah georgia vacation

Apart from that, you also will face several squares during your walk into the most beautiful places in the world for your honeymoon- Savannah, and Bull Street. It is considered one of the most beautiful features of Savannah. Here you will find huge old trees overhang benches, pathways, statues, fountains, and many more beautiful views which will amaze you. The most surprising fact is these squares were built in the mid-1700s to mid-1800s.

savannah georgia vacation

Besides all these, you can also take a walk beside the most beautiful places in the world for your honeymoon- Savannah, Riverfront. Here you can enjoy a very beautiful sight, shops, and restaurants, old-style candy stores selling fresh fudge and other treats, unique art galleries, souvenir vendors, etc.

savannah georgia vacation

You can also go for the Factors Walk, where you will find iron steps and bridges linking the old cotton warehouses and the Cotton Exchange etc.

The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

If you love to visit ancient cathedrals, then here you will also find the most beautiful places in the world for a honeymoon- Savannah, the Cathedral of St John the Baptist in Savannah which was first built in the 1870s and then after a severe fire rebuilt in 1899.

Besides all these, you also can go to the most romantic place in the world for your honeymoon places like- The birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low, a State Historic Park- Fort McAllister, Old Fort Jackson, The Fort Pulaski National Monument, Tybee Island beach, etc.

savannah georgia vacation

If you are thinking about the place where you can live in during your honeymoon trip to Savannah, then here is some place for you where you can easily stay during you your honeymoon. And of course, it’s within your budget!

Where can I stay in Savannah Georgia?

If you have a healthy budget then you can go for the places in the most beautiful places in the world for your honeymoon- Savannah, like- the Hamilton-Turner Inn, The Bohemian Hotel Savannah Riverfront, Autograph Collection, the Eliza Thompson House, The Brice, a Kimpton Hotel.

But if you want to keep it a little bit loe, then go for places like- La Quinta Inn & Suites, the BEST WESTERN Savannah Gateway, and Baymont Inn and Suites.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s check the place ticket and go for Savannah.

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