The A – Z Guide Of Niihau Snorkeling

Snorkeling is a great way to explore the underwater world without having to put on a scuba diving tank and mask. Niihau, Hawaii’s seventh largest island, is a great place to snorkel because of its clear water, coral reefs, and abundance of tropical fish. The following is an A – Z guide to what you need to know about snorkeling on Niihau.

A- Always wear sunscreen! The sun reflects off the water and can give you a nasty sunburn if you’re not careful.

B- Bring your own snorkel gear or rent it from one of the many shops on the island.

C- Check with the local lifeguards before entering the water to find out about any dangerous areas or creatures that might be lurking beneath the surface. 

D- Don’t touch anything! Some corals and fish are poisonous, so it’s best to just look and not touch.

E- Explore! There’s so much to see underwater, from colorful coral reefs to schools of tropical fish. Take your time and enjoy the view.

F- Float! If you get tired while swimming, just floats on your back and relax until you’re ready to swim again.

Niihau, Hawaii is home to some of the best snorkeling in the world. The island’s clear waters and abundant marine life make it a perfect place to explore the underwater world. Here is your guide to snorkeling on Niihau:

A – Arrive early. Niihau is a small island and the best snorkeling spots fill up quickly. Get to your desired spot before 8 am to avoid the crowds.

B – Bring your own gear. There are no rental shops on Niihau, so come prepared with your own snorkel, mask, and fins.

C – Check the conditions. Before you jump in, take a look at the waves and currents. If it looks too rough, find another spot to snorkel.

D – Don’t touch anything. The coral on Niihau is very delicate and can be easily damaged by careless swimmers. So just look but don’t touch!

E – Explore! Niihau has many different types of coral and fish species to discover. Swim around and see what you can find!

What is Niihau SnorkelingWhat is Niihau Snorkeling

Niihau is an uninhabited island off the west coast of Kauai in Hawaii. It is known for its secluded beaches and clear waters, which make it a popular destination for snorkeling. The best time to snorkel at Niihau is during the summer months when the water is warm and there is little rainfall.

The visibility can be poor during this time of year due to plankton blooms, but the calm waters and abundant marine life make up for it. There are several good spots for snorkeling on Niihau, but one of the most popular is Lehua Beach. This beach is located on the north side of the island and features a coral reef that is teeming with fish.

There are also several caves and swim-throughs to explore, making it a great spot for both beginners and experienced snorkelers alike. If you’re looking for a truly unforgettable experience, consider taking a boat tour to Niihau’s sister island, Lydgate Beach Park. This secluded beach is only accessible by boat and boasts some of the clearest waters in all of Hawaii.

Here you’ll find an abundance of colorful fish as well as turtles and dolphins swimming offshore. 

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What Do I Need to Bring for Niihau Snorkeling

When planning a trip to Niihau, the Hawaiian island known as “The Forbidden Isle,” there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, because Niihau is a privately-owned island, visitors need to obtain permission from the owners before setting foot on the land. Secondly, due to its remote location (Niihau is located about 17 miles off the coast of Kauai), it is important to plan carefully and be prepared for anything.

As far as snorkeling goes, there are a few things you will need to bring with you. Of course, you will need a mask and snorkel. You may want to consider bringing your own fins as well; while rental equipment is available on Niihau, it is always best to use your own gear if possible.

In addition, because Niihau’s reefs are located in relatively shallow water (10-30 feet), you won’t need any special diving equipment; however, you may want to bring along some reef-safe sunscreen and swim shoes or water socks to protect your feet from sharp coral. Last but not least, remember that Niihau is a remote island with limited resources. Be sure to pack plenty of food and water for your trip; although there are a few small stores on the island, they may not have everything you need.

How Do I Get to Niihau

Niihau is the westernmost and seventh-largest inhabited island in Hawaii. It is 17 miles southwest of Kauaʻi across the Kaulakahi Channel and with an area of 69.5 square miles, it is the smallest publicly accessible inhabited island in Hawaii. It is also known as “The Forbidden Isle” because of its seclusion and the restrictions placed on visits by non-residents.

Arrange Transportation in Advance

There are no Regularly Scheduled Flights Or Boats to Niihau, So You Will Need to Arrange Transportation in Advance

If you’re looking to visit the Hawaiian island of Niihau, you’ll need to do some advance planning. There are no regularly scheduled flights or boats to Niihau, so you’ll need to make arrangements with a private charter company. While this may seem like a hassle, it’s actually quite easy to do.

And once you’re on the island, you’ll be rewarded with its unspoiled beauty and friendly inhabitants. Niihau is often called the “Forbidden Island” because it is off-limits to most visitors. The island is owned by the Robinson family, who have maintained a strict policy of preserving Niihau’s traditional culture and way of life.

As a result, Niihau has changed very little over the years and remains one of Hawaii’s most authentic and unspoiled islands. Despite its remote location, Niihau is actually quite easy to get to. There are several charter companies that offer regular flights and boat trips from Kauai (the closest inhabited island).

These companies can also arrange for accommodations on Niihau if you plan on staying for more than just a day trip. Once you’re on the island, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy. You can explore the pristine beaches, go hiking in the lush forests or visit one of the many ancient Hawaiian sites scattered around the island.

And of course, don’t forget to say hello to the friendly locals!

Go Snorkeling on NiihauI Should Know Before I Go Snorkeling on Niihau

Snorkeling is a great way to enjoy the underwater world without having to invest in costly diving gear or spend hours learning how to use it. All you need is a mask, fins, and snorkel – and you’re good to go! Of course, there are a few things you should keep in mind before heading out on your first snorkeling adventure. Here are our top tips:

1. Choose the right spot. Not all bodies of water are suitable for snorkeling – look for calm waters with little to no waves or currents. Coral reefs tend to be good spots as they provide plenty of interest both in terms of fish life and coral formations.

2. Get fitted for a mask. A well-fitting mask is essential for comfortable snorkeling – if your mask leaks, it will ruin the experience. Many sports stores offer fittings, or you can ask at your hotel/resort reception desk.

3. Don’t touch anything! It might seem tempting to touch the colorful fish or beautiful coral but resist the urge! Many marine creatures are delicate and can be easily damaged by careless humans. Plus, some creatures (like fire urchins) can give you a nasty sting!

4. Don’t move too much… You might want to swim around but Remember that corals are living organisms and fining excessively can damage them irreparably So just float around and take in the sights!


Be Aware of Strong Currents Which Can Quickly Pull You Away from Shore If You’re Not Careful

If you are caught in a rip current, the best thing to do is to swim parallel to shore until you’re out of the current. Once you’re out, you can then swim back to shore. If you’re ever caught in a rip current, the best thing to do is swim parallel to shore until you’re out of the current.

Then, you can swim back to shore. Remember: never try to swim against a rip current, as this will only tire you out and make it harder to escape the current.


Beware of Box Jellyfish Which Inhabit the Waters around Hawaii – They Can Deliver a Painful Sting! Finally, Take Care Not to Touch Or Step on Any Coral While you You’Re Snorkeling, As This Can Damage the Delicate Ecosystem Beneath the Waves

If you’re planning a trip to Hawaii, there are a few things you should know about the local wildlife. First of all, don’t be afraid of the monkeys – they may look cute, but they can be aggressive and bite if provoked. Second, beware of box jellyfish which inhabit the waters around Hawaii – they can deliver a painful sting!

Finally, take care not to touch or step on any coral while you’re snorkeling, as this can damage the delicate ecosystem beneath the waves. By following these simple guidelines, you’ll have a safe and enjoyable time in Hawaii!

Super Tour Snorkeling on NiihauNiihau & Napali Super Tour

Niihau & Napali Super Tour The Niihau & Napali Super Tour is one of the most popular helicopter tours in Hawaii. This tour takes you to two of the most beautiful and remote places in Hawaii, Niihau and Napali Coast.

The tour starts with a flight from Honolulu to Kauai, where you will board a helicopter for the trip to Niihau. This island is known as “The Forbidden Island” because it is off-limits to outsiders. You will get to see the amazing beaches, cliffs, and caves that make up this island.

After lunch, you will head back to Kauai for a short break before taking off for the Napali Coast. This coastline is home to some of the most dramatic scenery in Hawaii, including towering sea cliffs, waterfalls, and pristine beaches. You will have plenty of time to take photos and enjoy the views before heading back to Honolulu.


If you’re looking for an amazing snorkeling experience, look no further than Niihau! This remote Hawaiian island is home to some of the clearest water and most beautiful coral in the world. In this blog post, we’ll give you a comprehensive guide to snorkeling on Niihau, from where to stay and what to bring, to the best spots for snorkeling around the island.

So whether you’re a first-time snorkeler or a seasoned pro, read on for everything you need to know about Niihau snorkeling!

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