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At first, look, though the place may be seen as uninteresting and dangerous due to the hot desert conditions, but has so many remarkable and memorable options to choose from the best honeymoon destinations. Today, I’m about to describe one of the world’s most luxurious, exhilarating, and amazing natural destinations in the United Arab Emirates. It is the magnificent and spellbinding Dubai, offering long stretches of white sand beaches, freshwater lakes, pristine waterfalls, dramatic mountains, amazing and spectacular views, unimaginable desert safaris, a vast spread of food, friendly people, rich history and culture, luxury accommodations with prime activities, great shopping experience and abundant of opportunities for an unforgettable honeymoon. Dubai is the top best honeymoon destination where the world comes to shop!

Why Best Honeymoon Destinations Dubai

Dubai is the most populous city in the UAE, located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf, is roughly at sea level and shares borders with Sharjah in the northeast, Ajman in the west, Ras Al Khaimah in the north, Abu Dhabi in the south and the Sultanate of Oman in the southeast. The city lies within the Arabian Desert and revenues generated from oil and trade. Where tourism plays an important role in Dubai, mainly based on shopping, modern attractions, and other ancient. Many jewelry and boutique stores are found in the city, is also referred to as ‘the city of Gold’. Plenty of offerings awaits its visitors.

best honeymoon destinations

Dubai has become a major visiting place around the world, showcases some of the most popular attractions like, the world’s only seven-star luxury hotel Burj Al Arab, the world’s highest skyscraper Burj Khalifa, which is 828 meters high with 165 floors, Dolphinarium, Horse Carriage, and Exotic Birds Shows, Camel Ride, Cable Car, Resplendent oases in Al- Ain, Spectacular beaches on the east coast, etc.

best honeymoon destinations

Dubai offers romantic and at the same time thrill-seeking activities for honeymooners. The city is also one of the most populous places for the best honeymoon destinations, family vacations, and romantic getaways.

best honeymoon destinations

Dubai is the perfect place for tourism. The shopping capital of the Middle East, Dubai also offers a variety of opportunities to celebrate like, magnificent snorkeling and diving, extraordinary Safari rides, luxury yacht tour with barbecue and surrounded music system, romantic honeymoon spa with candles, roses, ambient lighting, and soft music. You can also enjoy sky-dive Dubai, birds-eye view from a luxury seaplane, Ski Dubai in Dubai Emirates Mall, Arabic buffet, and a belly dancer, Arabian nightlife with its regional textures and colors or simply take a walk for an underwater dining experience through golden archways.

best honeymoon destinations

Don’t miss the Dubai shopping festival during the earlier months and there are no sales taxes. The best time to visit Dubai would be between November and April. The weather is suitable and a little milder during these months.

best honeymoon destinations

When it comes to food, Dubai offers a vast spread of delicious cuisines from most of the world. You can taste great foods from Pakistani, Indian, Jordanian, Lebanese, Syrian, Chinese to traditional Arab. Most popular, quite cheap, available, and delicious foods are Arabic bread ‘Khubz’, hummus, falafel sandwiches, shawarma, and grilled chicken, lamb & fish. Rice dish Biriyani is also the most popular cuisine among Bangladeshi’s, Indians, and Pakistani’s. Alcohol is available in all emirates except Sharjah, but no alcohol is served during Ramadan. Another noticeable thing is a liquor permit is required must and the age of purchasing/ drinking are 21.

best honeymoon destinations

From world-class luxurious and expensive to low-cost accommodations, Dubai has various ranges. Besides Muslims, a large number of various communities also residing in Dubai like Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, Sikh, and other religions, and they all are friendly to the visitors. So, discovering spellbinding Dubai is an unforgettable and extraordinary experience for a lifetime.

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